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October 01, 2007

Contacts of our Comrades!

Juz to say that, listing down email address(can msn) or hp no. can allow us to contact each other easier(time/date/who and where). And if in the near future, if we can organise outings like BBQ, Geylang trip(eat porridges lah... What u thinking?), Changi Village (Chalet lah! Chalet! Dun think otherwise!) and etc.


BaiBai said...

Uh hmmm, i will start off 1st
HP: 90102505 +65 if needed :P
MSN: laugh! My long time ago email add lah!)

Anonymous said...

That's a cute email address!

Oh.. wait.. your not a girl..

still cute -_-

t3hkor said...

ok. if every adds me on msn and jio me play wh i will not consider to sell it!

Dingo said...

Urgh, just recovered from high fever. ...I can't wait to get back to Warhawk!

HP: 92981019

Jomni said...

Er... posting email and hp not safe since blog format is quite public.
Don't wanna see any anonymous spam / pranks / phishing messages. :D