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September 10, 2007

Know your teammate: com_gwp

And today, we welcome com_gwp to answer a few questions.

First, why don't you introduce yourself?
Name's Benjamin Wong Jun Jie. I'm a 16 year old JC1 student.

Harsh, those 2 years will be.
Couldn't agree more.

So what's up with that nick, and how the heck are people gonna read it?
com_gwp? It’s kinda of a random-spur-of-the-moment-revelation. No particular meaning to it at all, except it signifies how much I love my com and games.

I'm sure we all have our moments of utter randomness. So what games do you play?
Anything and everything. Shooter, rpgs, rts, platforming, etc. Mostly been playing on my pc, ds, ps2, and ps3.

Why play warhawk?
Warhawk, I didn't really give much care to at first when it showed up, because I thought it was another dogfighting game which I would hardly play. Then B.I.T.E came along. And then U, me, and him + him + him + her convinced me I should check this game out. And I've never looked back since.

So what kind of play style would take?
Whenever there is a pickup or weapon around me, I take, I use. Whether it’s on ground or in the skies, I go straight for the useful things around me before I try to engage. When there are planes needed, I can take skies, or when a base needs defending, I'll try to be there. I'm try to be a team player, and usually work best when there are allies around me....except when my poor aim gets the better of everyone.

Sounds like you're quite the teamkiller yourself.
Don't remind me. I used to be called the flash-banger in CS after my infamous flash-bang tactics wiped my team time and time......and time again.

Well, I'll try to stay outta your crosshairs then. Thanks for the time.
Peace, dude.

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