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August 29, 2007

Know your teammate: Dingo Devious

Today I let you know a little more about me.

What's your real name?


What consoles do you own?
PS3 and Xbox 360 (2nd set)

No Wii?
I beg your pardon?

Not THAT wii but Nintendo's Wii.
Oh i see. Nope no Nintendo Wii for me ATM. I'm already shortsighted and healthy.

Why Dingo Devious?
Why not?

Are you always full of crap?
Depends on what I ate for breakfast. (I'll take that as a yes)

What are your interests other than games?
Playing them.

Yes I know, what else?
Making wallpapers and my most favourite: women.

Ahh, playing them too?
Yes we play "chasing" a lot lately...and you're not very funny


Mustave been quite fun playing chasing all the time?
Not really.

Okay, time for some serious questions. How would you describe your playstyle?
Hmm...I'm generally a run and gun sort of guy cause I'm quite impatient and I want to kick as much ass as possible but if the situation calls for it I'd rather work as a team. I can take or give orders, no problem, but I find myself most useful when having to "parallel" myself to my teammates. I'll always check my teammates positions on the radar (unless I'm blinded by the digital adrenaline of ass-owning), I'll call out positions and respond to support (if I can find you).

What about points and ranks?
Unless I'm intending to play on my own or for myself, it doesn't really matter. Heck, have you seen my RFOM stats? They suck! That don't mean I don't kick ass though.

What are you intending to master in Warhawk?
Ground fighting is a no-brainer. I'm really interested in the dogfights and air-support is always an invaluable resource but if too many of my clanmates want to focus on the Warhawks, then I'll put myself as a Tanky.

Jack of all trades and a master of none eh? Anything more you'd like to add?
To all those who oppose BITE, chew on this **Singapore censorship board has deemed this image unsuitable for the "people"**

Thanks for your time.

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