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September 06, 2007

Know your teammate: BaiBai

Okay folks! Today we speak to BaiBai.

Hello BaiBai.
Hi everyone :DHaha, forgot to self intro :P

No problem man. What's your real name?
Real name is Max. 27yrs old. No sisters!! :P

Woah, you read my mind there. Too bad, I like sisters. What do you do?
Working as Naval Combat Specialist in Tuas Naval Base. In service for around 6yrs+

Ah, working for the Man. I love cats. Got any pets?
Got 2 dogs, who like to screw each other(cause both male :P )

Got a cute gf whom I love very much and wish to marry her.

Good for you man. Don't forget to invite the clan for your wedding. Consoles?
Consoles wise I got PS1 PS2 PS3 PSP. Bought a 32" TV juz for PS3(but got conned! buy too expensive! T_T;; )

It's the Man's doing I tell you! Anything else?
Hope i can assist in our clan in kicking other clans asses :P

Sa-weet. Thanks for your time bro.

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