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August 30, 2007

Vision and Mission


The harder you work, the harder you play


To provide new or experienced Warhawk players a base in which to train and hone their skills in the various fields of gameplay and teamwork in a non-demanding environment and without prejudice.


How do I know if I'm eligible?
  1. You own a PS3
  2. You own a copy of Warhawk
  3. You own something that can display the moving pictures from your PS3
  4. You have opposable thumbs
Why not?

How to post in the blog?
  • Get invited
  • Sign in
  • Go to "Dashboard" (Top right)
  • Click on "Post"
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t3hkor said...

where do i go to post for intro myself? damn i really wan to intro myself as a cute little boy!

HairyAsHell said...

HairyAsHell here! someone link my blog here pls! And as soon as I have the ability to post I'll intro myself Hehe!