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October 18, 2007

Warhawk Pro-Flight, Tips and Tricks (pg 4)

Pro Flight Maneuvers (continued)

Advanced Pro Flight

    If I can sum up what makes the best Warhawk pilots, it'll probably be:

It's all a state of mind

    It sounds very zen but that's how it is. Of course practice takes up the most part, followed by awareness, ability to adapt, and luck but like any athlete or competitive gamer would tell you, if you ask what makes them good in what they do, its a culmination of the mind, body and soul. You've got to get in the zone.

    Like I said before, you can thrash 90% of the players who come at you but if you want to take down the other 10%, you have to have that little "extra". So try to always stay calm and keep your wits about you. A lot of great players out there are good simply because they know what works and what doesn't.

    I've already explained the advantages/differences between the default flight controls and Pro-Flight. Now, I'll dig deeper into getting the most out of PF.

Mixing it up
If there's anything that frustrates dogfighters most it's definitely losing track of their prey. It's a real blow to his pride if he turns from the hunter, to the hunted.

The key to grabbing the odds and pitting them against your pursuer is mixing it up. In PF, you don't have the luxury of auto-maneuvers*1. Instead you have the freedom to work any situation as you see fit.

Remember, you're in the air and have almost unlimited space. Get out of the Horizontal mentality. It's not just left and right. Move diagnally, vertically, use the environment. Mix it up and catch your enemy flat-footed.

There's no Right and Wrong Side
The Warhawk/Nemesis are the greatest fighter planes....Period. They defy the laws of Physics. Regardless whether you're sideways, right side up or upside down, your aircraft flies the way its supposed to. It's only limited to your abilities.

That said, get accustomed to flying and fighting upside down and sideways. It'll increase your response times (when attacking) a lot. Works when tracking enemies around obstacles or taking down that pesky pilot who likes to fly around you, like a fly you can't seem to swat.

Finding Your Bearings
Remember, the mini-map is your friend. I will talk a bit about orientating yourself and the mini-map in the Tips and Tricks page but here, I will explain to you a little more in-depth.

The biggest problem for any PF user has to be getting oneself reorientated after big maneuvers. Unlike the default controls that auto-centers you after pulling of an auto-maneuver*1, so you have to continously be on the ball when using PF.

. Check your mini-map ever so often for enemies, if that arrow (the one that points to hostile enemies outside your mini-map) is directly behind you then take it that you're being tailed. Stay out of their view and Don't be caught unaware!

. Always remember that regardless of your rotation*2, the mini-map is always right. It's easy to get disorientated during and after evasive maneuvers but reorientation is key to counterattacking. Otherwise, either you make a break for it (live to fight another day) or put some distance between you and your pursuer to find him again. Why? Experience has taught me that if you've pissed off players enough, they'll keep on hunting for you, especially the good ones.


. Auto-Maneuvers: Defined maneuvers you can use in the default flight controls
. Rotation: The tilt of plane ie. sideways, upside down, rightside up


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