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August 31, 2007

Warhawk Vehicles

I present to you, the vehicles of Warhawk:

Eucadian Warhawk

The design of the Warhawk was infuenced by two real-world aircraft. The cockpit and rearward sweep of the Warhawk's tail has subtle similarities to the WWII-era Curtiss P-40 Warhawk. And with Warhawk's strong proportions, impressive engines, distinctive tail section, and sheer ability to take a pounding, it reflects the modern-day A-10 Warthog as an effective war machine.

Chernovan Nemesis

The German Luftwaffe of World War II heavily influences the Nemesis' design. Specifically, the Nemesis echoes some of the lines found on the Messerschmit Me-262, as well as mechanical elements from the Lockheed Martin F-35B as the articulating shaft-driven lift fan.




Capable of holding up to three people, the 4x4 is an off-road vehicle that provides very little in the way of armored protection, but compensates for this with its speed, allowing ground troops to cover ground quickly. A rear-mounted automatic machine gun allows a passenger to provide back up support while travelling in hostile zones




The tank is a slow-moving, heavily armored vehicle that can hold up to two people. While its heavy weight and bulk make it an easy target, its thinck armor is capable of withstanding repeated hits from the strongest of weaponry. The perfect tool for busting through enem lines, the tank is equipped with one deadly mortar-firing cannon that can even blast aircraft from the sky. In addition, a second rider can pop in and out of the tank's turret hatch to provide support

Look out for weapons next!


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