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September 08, 2007

Know your teammate: HairyAsHell

Yo! Wassup?
Nothing much. Just being hairy as usual!

So why the "hairy" in your name? Are you THAT hairy?

Ewww! gross.
Well, its not my fault. Besides, "hairy" also implies, I put people in such situations online whether it be teammates or opponents. I wont go into details of that.

Speaking of online, whats your favorite method of play in Warhawk?
I like the Warhawks in general, but I like going all out in every way possible whether be it on foot, vehicles, turrets, or the planes. It all depends on the situation. And oh yeah, I LOVE firing AA missiles at people, but I HATE it when they are being fired at me!

Btw, why dont we see you online much?
Unfortunately, I can barely squeeze time out to play on weekdays. Happy to say, I do have a "life" other than gaming. But dont get me wrong, if I stay away from gaming even for a day, my fingers get itchy and not because they have hair on them.

Stop with the lame hair jokes already!
Ok my bad! You were saying?

How long have you been gaming and what consoles do you currently own?
I've been gaming as long as I can remember since the Atari 2600 days, but I wasnt as hardcore as I am now since I have some money in my wallet. Currently I have a PS3 (duh!), PS2, PSP, Wii and PC, but I guess that doesnt count as a "console". But I do use it to play the Microsoft exclusive games.

Huh? How come no Xbox 360? How can you call yourself a "hardcore" without one? Are you a fanboy/hater?
Screw you!!! I dont have to buy all consoles to play the games I WANT! Go read my blog if you are so curious why I dont own one!

Alright alright! chill! So any last words?
Warhawk server issues have been resolved. Thanks Dylan! HairyAsHell out!

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