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October 18, 2007

Warhawk Pro-Flight, Tips and Tricks (pg 3)

Pro Flight Maneuvers

    Here I will explain the mechanics of flying using Pro Flight. Think of this as a dummies guide so I'll explain everything as simply as I can. Everything I have here is based off my own knowledge and experience of using Pro Flight so if you have a better method, it's up to you to pick and choose what suits you most.

Also, the key to Pro Flight is being comfortable with the controls. It takes time, practice and patience. As they say "If at first you don't succeed, then try and try again".


    Before you can pull off your own crazy maneuvers, you'll have to get your basics right. Accustom yourself to them before trying out more advanced maneuvers and tricks. You'll know that you've progressed when everything feels second nature and that's the way it should be.

Quick pitches: Remember that both LR analog sticks control pitch, so by pulling down or pushing up on both Left and Right sticks your Warhawk will pitch up (nose up) and pitch down (nose down) faster.

Quick rolls: Tap left or right on the Left Stick and your aircraft tilts (holding turns the Warhawk) left or right respectively. Push the Right Analog Stick in the same direction, during a roll, to roll your plane faster.

Quick turns: Requires a little more practice but it is the staple of every PF user. There are 2 methods do this but both yield the same results though one is a little harder to pull off.

Method 1
Do a quick roll to but hold the Left Stick (to turn). Once you got your rotation*2 right (in this case tilted 90o left or right) pull down on your Right Stick, while still turning with the Left Stick, to do a quick turn.

Method 2
Similar to Method 1, only this time do a quick roll and once in the right rotation*2 pull down on both LR Sticks. This is harder to pull off accurately but it seems to be faster than Method 1.

Pick a method which you are more comfortable and stick with it, though I'd recommend Method 1. Also, Quick Turning is a better method over Powersliding when doing tight maneuvers.


. Auto-Maneuvers: Defined maneuvers you can use in the default flight controls
. Rotation: The tilt of plane ie. sideways, upside down, rightside up


Anonymous said...

yo i just got warhawk and it rules ive seen people play it on splitscreen on and offline, how do u get this by the way i downloaded it

Anonymous said...

theres no offline gamin
sorry bro, all online, all massive
split screen is also online, howeva u need to be in a game allowing splitscreen
ie. a NON-ranked game
better to create one urself and turn splitscreen on using one of the menus
once thats done, as soon as the game starts the other player can hit start and they will be in the game
u can have up to 4 players on one console, howeva they will al be under ur name, with a number b4 their name showin wot controller they r.
that should explain it.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is offline gaming you just need a router plugged into your ps3(you don't need internet connection to that router just a router plugged in.) and then go to local game and make a game and you can play, and have other people with controllers come in split screen. yet that means you could only have up to 4 people playing. No bots or anything...