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September 03, 2007

What a Match!!

Last night's match was a load of fun! For those not in the loop, a couple of use BITE guys got together in a 4 vs 4 match. Apparently 8's the max number I can host. Despite my average speed being 350kb/s!. It was a 20 minute TDM at Eucadia. I forgot to save my match rotation list so we were stuck there for a couple of games.

Woopee!I was in the blue side with Hairy and I can confidently say that we were kickin' red team ass! Albeit unfairly, but we still kicked ass!
Battlefield players will know this trick:At the start of the match, we quickly took control of all the zones we could leaving them with only 1 zone to respawn in After that it was just a matter of keeping them holed up and taking them out as they tried to escape. Seems cheap but if there were more players, this could have easily backfired on us.

But they didn't go down without a fight! It was the third match that they almost got the best of us. As usual Screwy and EvilP got to take me by surprise, blowing my Warhawk out of the air before I knew it. alasYoke took a chance with a Nemesis and got Hairy instead (no pun intended...I think). I'm at work now and thinking about the match is making me want to escape work and jump into another game of Warhawk. Alas, I might get fired so I'll just wait till my shift is over.

I'll be playing later tonight till the wee hours of morning. Check the Creating BITE games section to start your own BITE servers. See you in the basement (pilot lingo for "hangar". See THIS!)

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