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September 03, 2007

Gaming tonight!

dingo shuold u put a secret page where we we can share our msn? easier for communication! lol


Jomni said...

Isn't messaging via PSN already sufficient?

Dingo said...

Great idea jomni!

List your msn at the clan message board if you want. It's only readable by clan members.

Ang Kian Hong said...

Where is the clan message board ah? Lol.

Dingo said...

Message board? GaX is good already man!!

Besides, I already think I'm going overboard with the blog and all but it's part of what BITE is. A casual gaming clan focusing on getting players together.

BaiBai said...

hehe dingo, i really think u did a good job already :D
thumb up for u bro ^^
anyway, any games tonight? :P

Simon Sng said...

can't get the invitation :(


t3hkor said...

no lah guys... by psn if the person in game u needa logout of the game to read msg? and when u go in game he msg u.. u need logout?