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August 29, 2007

Know your teammate: ScrewyAng


What's your real name?
Kian Hong


What consoles do you own?
PS3 and PSP

Why ScrewyAng?
Because I screwed up 1 major aircraft maintenance job in my poly and my classmates named me “screwed-up”. And the other day, 1 of them called me screwy, so I tot, why not. Hence the name ScrewyAng. Ang is my surname btw.

How would you describe your play-style?
(With reference to how I played my BF2) Here’s how I play, most of time I will be the guy at the front line. Because I will be the one reporting the enemy position and calling for back up. I only do the killing when my teammates are not on in a good position to take the shot. For eg, my I fly the attack copter, my teammates in tanks and APCs are the main workhorse. I will fly around and report enemy position to them and if possible, do afew rocket barrages to weaken them first before my main army comes in for the kill. This tactic which my classmates (who are my teammates) use requires coordination and communication. In short, I am better as a supporting role in Warhawk.

What about points and ranks? Nah, I don’t give a F_ck about this. Fun over stats.

What are you intending to master in Warhawk? Ground Trooper. Warhawk is a secondary choice if I am in the mood for it.

That’s all. Anyway, here’s my email for msn and friendster. Feel free to add.

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