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August 31, 2007

Know your teammate: jomni


Real name: Jayson Age: 29 Consoles: PS3 and DS


I am very much into shooters and (old-school) military wargames in the PC.


Style #1 - Long range marksmanship. Sniping is fun just as long as the game is not so fast-paced. I'm not good at sniping in Counter Strike and Resistance because the pace is so frantic. But in BF2 and GRAW2, I can perform some decent sniping.

Style #2 - Flanking maneuver. I usually go by myself, taking the less used path, to surprise the enemy.

Warhawk focus:

I intend to focus on flying. I've never had any multiplayer air combat experience from any other game so I want to make the most out of this game. I believe that with Warhawk, the PS3 does not need Ace Combat online. :D

I currently play:

  1. GRAW2 (PS3)
  2. Rainbow Six Vegas (PS3)
  3. Glory Days 2 (DS)
  4. Day of Defeat: Source (PC)
  5. Insurgency Mod (PC)
  6. The Operational Art of War III (PC)
  7. Combat Mission Shock Force (PC)
  8. Combat Mission Beyond Overlord (PC)
  9. Squad Battles: Soviet Afghan War (PC)
  10. Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (PC)
  11. Close Combat: Cross of Iron (PC)
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